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Assure AccuFast





Medical & Surgical Supplies


Assure AccuFast Sterilization Biological Indicator Pack Steam


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  • Getinge has combined a state-of-the-art integrator with biological indicator (BI) technology to form the new AccuFast Biological Test System
  • With improved monitoring of sterilization processes and increased quality control, AccuFast raises the bar for speed, accuracy and reliability
  • Sterilization cycle can be monitored with load content quarantined until biological results are available, putting an end to recalls of non-sterile items
  • Results are user verifiable at time of accelerated read by color change (purple to yellow) in the failed cycle
  • Getinge Assure AccuFast has reduced total incubation time to 10-hours
  • As readings are from actual spore (Geobacillus Stearothermophilus) growth detection, there is no chance of a false positive


Sterilization Biological Indicator Pack

Purple to Green

270?F (132?C ) / 275?F (135?C)

10 Hour Read Time



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